Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion 1.1

This program calculates thermodynamic and transport properties...

This program calculates thermodynamic and transport properties of gaseous, liquid and solid species (TP, HP and SP), according to U. S. customary and International units.

It contains coefficients for the independent calculation of physical properties of various species. The user can carry out steam approximations for both saturated and superheated areas and analyze power cycles (Carnot, Brayton, Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics and Fuel Cell), power cycle components and processes (compression, combustion, expansion, heat transfer and mixing) and compressible flow (velocity of sound, Mach number, stagnation and static properties, nozzle, normal shock, diffuser and thrust).

This software package should prove to be a good tool for those who are involved at various levels with design, operation and management of energy conversion systems.

It should provide the user with the opportunity to more quickly, easily and effectively do his/her work, explore more options, save time and give more confidence in carrying out engineering calculations.

Thermodynamic and Transport Properties: Temperature and Pressure (270 K < T < 5,000 K), Enthalpy and Pressure, Entropy and Pressure and CoefficientsSteam Approximations: Saturated Area (Temperature and Pressure Dependent) and Superheated AreaPower Cycles: Carnot, Brayton (Power and Propulsion), Rankine, Otto, Diesel, Magnetohydrodynamics and Fuel CellPower Cycle Components/Processes: Compression, Combustion (Coal/Oil/Gas), Expansion, Heat Transfer and MixingCompressible Flow: Velocity of Sound, Mach Number, Properties (Stagnation and Static), Nozzle, Normal Shock, Diffuser and ThrustOperating System Requirements: Windows '98 or higher.

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